Here are some signs, I encountered in the Bronx last month in local businesses.

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Gaming System Flashbacks

When I saw these systems in a Boost Mobile store in the Bronx, it brought back many fond memories of playing with my brothers, for hours during my childhood. I was fortunate to say, that when I was a child/adolescent we always had the latest gaming systems and computers at the time. My favorite handheld gaming system was the Sega Game gear. I thought the color screen made the Game gear, so much more  awesome, than the game boy  (black and white) at the time. Sonic was one of my favorite games to play on the Game gear. Looking at it after all these years … I don’t know how my small hands held it, for such a long time (especially, when I was trying to beat bosses). Pondering about how far systems have come in the past twenty years is starting to make me feel old but fortunate, as well to have been able to see first hand its’ development.

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Excel Resources

Since my last post was about Excel courses, I wanted to add a couple more resources:

Excel 2003 Tutorial– GCF Learn

Excel 2003 Office Training – Microsoft Office Support

Excel 2007 Tutorial Homepage– Florida Gulf Coast University

Excel 2007 Cheat Sheet – Computer World

Excel 2010 Tutorial– GCF learn

Excel 2010 – For Dummies has a ton of shortcuts, for commonly used programs, OS, and applications, which can prove to come handy if you keep a printout by your desk.

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UDEMY Free Excel Course is offering a coupon code, TINTIN1, which is redeemable for a Microsoft 2010 Excel Course ( + 2 bonus advance courses sent in email). I have strong 2003/2007 Excel skills, but I am not familiar with any new features of 2010. I look forward to taking the bonus courses to brush up on my skills. Here is the original link:  Excel Function . The course is originally $79 without the coupon. You can also download the course into your iPad , for offline use.

Bonus Courses:

Advanced Excel 2010
Comprehensive Excel 2010
For both the courses, Use Coupon code: TINTIN , or MOHIT

Thanks Invisible of FW!

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United Palace

Having grown up in the Heights and Inwood, the United Palace was always this grand, yet mysterious place with much allure. Right next to the United Palace in tents, you can see locals selling kick knacks and other things in a flea market. When passing by I always looked up to see, if anyone interesting is scheduled to be playing. Sometimes it be church groups playing, and other times the theater would be a venue, for some surprisingly big names in the music industry.

File:United Palace 175 jeh.jpg Source: Wiki Common  File:United Palace Balcony.jpg

The North exterior exposure of the building is pretty plain, but the interior and south Exposure is definitely a throwback to a much different time. The decorations, crown moldings and architecture of the interior is as the name of the building states a “United Palace” full of inspiration from the East and West.

The United Palace of Cultural Arts is trying to raise 40k, for the revival of film in the United Palace. According to the campaign, the funds will cover expenses, such as: a new Mac book, projection system, a screen cleaning and a couple of viewings. They are offering some pretty cool and generous perks, in order to draw attention to this campaign at their ” Return Film to the United Palace“. They have 39 more days to raise 40k and they have raised almost 4k, thus far.

I think this campaign is such a great idea. I remember hearing about a theater in Inwood, when I was about 5, or so; but, I never had a chance to experience an actual movie there. There was this other theater on 181st called Coliseum theaters, which I went to about twice and never returned, due to the lackluster service and poor maintenance. Although the United Palace will not be a full fledged movie theater, it will be nice to have to view Indie and cultural films there, or listen to an orchestra perform in such a beautiful place.

Don’t forget to visit Return Film to the United Palace it has some interesting factoids about the United palace, as well.

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Inwood Happenings

There is always a lot going on in Inwood, so I decided that I should post on some of the neighborhood happenings every so often.

Pentex 3 554

On May 4th, R.I.N.G. hosted a successful flea market and some enrolled new members. The annual planting went underway, although the rest of the planting would resume at another time. Unfortunately, the Koi are suffering from Ick, which means supplies are needed to cure them.


Pretty Girl, a discount chain clothing store just picked up and left overnight! I figured there was no need to announce they were leaving, since they can just move their merchandise to another store. I went to go exchange a top the same evening they left, so it was kind of eerie to see even the awning taken down the next day and the store completely bare.  Luckily, they have other locations.  As most stores in Inwood very few make it past 2-3 years, perhaps being due to as Jimmy McMillan best put it ” The Rent is too Damn High!”

Starbucks in the midst, as reported by the Community 12 district to DNAinfo. Not surprising, as there are Starbucks locations on 190th and 225th.  As the demographics and socioeconomic state of the community change, it is expected that the makeup of business will, as well. Throughout the years, boutiques and eateries have been popping up everywhere attracting customers from all over the boroughs. The size of the former location of Pretty Girl on 207th st. should be a nice fit…wink, wink.

Explora NYC Launch Party

Inwood and Washington Heights were once the forgotten parts of Manhattan, often called the Bronx and cut off of Manhattan maps. Explora NYC is a year long marketing campaigned sponsored by private and public entities with the objective of bringing awareness to the historical landmarks, cultural institutions, restaurants, parks and events in Northern Manhattan. It aims to drive traffic to Northern Manhattan through traditional marketing channels and through internet advertising.  Starting on May 15th  and running through the 26th, Restaurant week will take place. Free drinks, desserts, appetizers, tapas and discounts on entrees will be offered at participating restaurants, during the week. Grab a friend and take advantage!

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Harvest Dome 2.0

Photo Credit: Andreas Symietz

Mark your calenders! Between July 31 and Aug. 2., the architects behind the project, Amanda Schacter and Alexander Levi  will be showcasing “The Dome Exhibit- Harvest Dome 2.0”. It is an spherical dome (24 ft diameter) made up of hundreds of recycled umbrella frames and soda bottles collected from around the city. The Dome will be anchored in the Inwood Hill Park salt water marsh with the intention of the architects to showcase the park’s tides.It’s really nice to see the birds walking about, during low tide and it should be an extra treat to see the dome floating about. It’s the architects second attempt to bring the exhibit to Inwood, after it was destroyed by Riker Islands Employees. To read more , go to their crowd funding page: Harvest Dome 2.0

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